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Pioneering software that replaces your archaic answering service with savings up to 50% per call.

  • Simply revolutionary.

    PageMyDoctor meets the patient where they are…on their mobile device or desktop. When a parent needs to page the on-call nurse or doctor, they use their smartphone or PC to page a message through our system.
  • More Accuracy for EHRs.

    Whether you use an EHR or not, the patient is the most reliable person to enter in correct spellings, phone numbers, birthdates and medical info…your EHR will love you…
  • But Won’t I Get More Calls?

    Absolutely not! We beta-tested this system for 2 years and there were no increases in after hours calls. The good news? Your patients respect your time the same as if they called your answering service. The bad news? Your mother knows where to find you.